PAINTINGS – Highlights from South Tyrol and Austria

08/11 – 14/12/2014

Martha Jungwirth, 1967
Martha Jungwirth, 1967

Inauguration: 7th of November 2014 at 7 p.m.

Exhibition period: 8th November - 14th October 2014

Opening hours: Tue - Fri 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. and Sat - Sun 10 a.m. - 12 a.m.

From Oswin Amann to Linda Wolfsgruber, all these artists have one aspect in common: they are all engaged in the first principles of painting and on the beginning there is the drawing. A lot of great masterpieces are based on drafts. First ideas, quick and just inspired by the muses, realized on paper and only in a second step elaborated to a wonderful masterwork on canvas or to a sculpture. The pure drawing has already reached a right to exist all for itself. Especially a lot of young artists work with bravery in this domain taking every possible freedom thereby, using numerous mixing techniques, blurring the academic borderline between drawing and painting.

The exhibition at the City Museum of Bruneck/Brunico presents its visitors a lot of different positions from various artists. About 80 works of art – one piece per artist – invite the beholder to delve into the world of painting.

With drawings from:

Kurt Absolon, Oswin Amann, Lois Anvidalfarei, Kurt Augustin, Franz Bacher, Peter Bischof, Peter Blaas, Julia Bornefeld, Aldo Canins, Giuliana Castlunger, Gunter Damisch, Annemarie Delleg, Margareth Dorigatti, Norbert Drexel, Hans Ebensperger, Anni Egösi, Therese Eisenmann, Franz Fischnaller, Paul Flora, Fritz Fröhlich, Hans Fronius, Anton Frühauf,  Elfriede Gangl, Karl Grasser, Heiner Gschwendt, Alfred Gutweniger, Fritz v. Herzmanovsky-Orlando, Jörg Hofer, Wolfgang Hollega, Franz Irsara, Martha Jungwirth, Vladislav Kavan, Franz Kehrer, Josef Kienlechner, Wilfried Kirschl, Heinz Klima,  Florin Kompatscher, Alfred Kubin, Annemarie Laner, Daniela Leiter, Josef Mahlknecht, Manfred Mayr, Albert Mellauner, Julian Messner,  Josef Mikl, Kurt Moldowan, Carl Moser, Karl Mostböck, Oswald Oberhuber, Barbara Peintner, Luis Piazza, Anneliese Pichler, Hans Piffrader, Josef Pillhofer, Friedrich Plahl, Karl Plattner, Peter Prandstetter, Recura (Michel Recoura), Hans Rindler, Hubert Scheibe, Robert Scherer, Mili Schmalzl, Andrea Schnell, Matthias Schönweger, Sepp Schwarz, Ernst Skricka, Anke Stampfer, Hans Staudacher, Christian Stecher, Erich Stecher, Klaus Stephan, Wolfgang Stifter, August Stimpfl, Rudolf Stolz, Willy Valier, Markus Vallazza, Georg Vith, Ernst Waldner, Max Weiler, Linda Wolfsgruber.