City Museum Brunico/Bruneck and Association

The museum was opened in 1995 by the Bruneck/Brunico Museum Association in what were once the stables of the national postal service and is administrated by its own personnel. Centrally located, it is situated at the foot of castle hill between Capuchin Square and the entrance to the old town. Once the site to change horses and store coaches, it is now a place filled with lively cultural activity.

The rich and varied programs of exhibitions of modern and contemporary art forms enliven museum activitiy. Five to seven annual exhibitions present regional, national and international art. Graphics, painting, sculpture and photography are in constant rotation to meet the interests of a wider audience.

The permanent exhibition represents the historical pillar of art from the collections of the former local museum of Bruneck/Brunico. The most important pieces of this collection are housed in the Gothic Hall. They include outstanding examples of local religious art, such as the late Gothic winged altar by Simon and Veit von Taisten, works by Michael Pacher, Friedrich Pacher, Paul Troger and the Master of Uttenheim.

An important focus of the museum is in the area of graphics: in addition to selected exhibitions and the constantly growing collection, classes and workshops for adults and children are held in the in-house graphic art room.